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Getting Ready For Hydroseed

Landscape crew is preparing this area for Hydroseed by grading and applying new soil. grading, hydroseed, Install, landscape, Landscaping, Lawn, Lawn prep, Lawn soil, MIll Bay, Soil, vancouver island

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Landscape by Tyler and Crew!

Full Landscape Project completed in just a couple weeks!
Grading, Retaining Walls, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Plants & Hydroseed


Hydroseeding Erosion Control

Chase and Kevin are Hydroseeding the straw erosion mat Tyler & crew installed earlier this week, this is to help keep this bank in place!

Coastal Revegetation, Erosion Control, FINN T120, hydroseed, irrigation, Island Hydroseed, landscape, MIll Bay, Premier Pacific Seeds, Restoration, T60 FINN Hydroseeder, vancouver island