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Coastal RevegetationErosion ControlFINN T120hydroseedirrigationIsland HydroseedlandscapeMIll BayPremier Pacific SeedsRestorationT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver island

Hydroseeding Erosion Control

Chase and Kevin are Hydroseeding the straw erosion mat Tyler & crew installed earlier this week, this is to help keep this bank in place!

BiodegradableCoastal RevegetationErosion ControlErosion Control MaterialhydroseedIsland HydroseedlandscapeMIll BayPremier Pacific SeedsProtects grass seedStraw Erosion Blanketvancouver island

Erosion Control

This straw erosion blanket will help protect future Hydroseed and keep this bank in place in Mill Bay.

gradinghydroseedInstalllandscapeLandscapingLawnLawn prepLawn soilMIll BaySoilvancouver island

Getting Ready For Hydroseed

Landscape crew is preparing this area for Hydroseed by grading and applying new soil.

BobcatDirtgradinglandscapeLandscapingLawn prepMachine workPort RenfrewSoilSoil gradingvancouver islandWest Coast

Landscape Crew In Port Renfrew

Enjoying the view in Port Renfrew grading soil.

Custom seed blendsFINN T120hydroseedHydroseedingLawnPremier Pacific SeedsResidential lawnSalt Spring IslandT60 FINN Hydroseeder

Salt Spring Island Hydroseed

Hydroseed Crew enjoyed this beautiful view on Salt Spring Island.

AcreageCustom seed blendsFarmFINN T120Horse & Sheep Pasture MixhydroseedPasturePremier Pacific SeedsRanchSaanichT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver islandVictoria

Hydroseed Pasture

Newly hydroseeded pasture in Saanich BC

AFL CommunicationsBackfillCivilDriftwood CommunicationsExcavator 35excavator 55irrigationMaple Ridgeroad workstelustrenchutility construction

Civil Crew In Maple Ridge

Civil Crew working hard in Maple Ridge.

CivilConfinded SpaceManholeMaple RidgeSafety Firsttelecommunicationstelusutility construction

Safety First In Confined Spaces

The 1st mini manhole installation site in Maple Ridge (10 more to go) on Cherrington Ave.

Bicycle ShedCarpentryConstructioncowichan valleyCustom shedirrigationLake Cowichanlakefrontshedvancouver island

Custom Shed By Tyler & Crew

New bicycle shed still waiting for custom ramp to be installed.

AFLasphaltCivilConduitDriftwoodexcavatorExcavator 35excavator 55Road WorkRoadbaseSaanichSidneySurfside Placetelusutility constructionvancouver island

Civil Crew working hard in Sidney

Telus Upgrades on Surfside Place, Sidney.

AFLAshpaltcivil crewDriftwoodHydrovacRoadbaseSaanichSidney BCSurfside Placetelusutility constructionVac-con Hydrovacvancouver island

Hydro-Excavation in Sidney B.C.

Civil crew working on telecommunication upgrades.

hardscapeirrigationKaty's Crescentlakefrontlandscapelandscape lightingmasonarypaversretaining wallsShawnigan Lakevancouver islandvenetian cobblewaterfrontWidows Walk

Shawnigan Lake Hardscape & Paver Project

Hardscape & paver project in Shawnigan Lake, completed this fall. Landscape Lighting, retaining walls, Irrigation low maintenance shrubs and dog run.

asphaltBackfillcivil crewCivil UtilityexcavatorNew Constructionroad baseroad plateroad workssewer lineShawnigan Laketrenchutility constructionvancouver islandWater Line

Civil Road Works

Road cuts for sewer and water lines for this new development in Shawnigan Lake.

hardscapeirrigationKaty's Crescentlakefrontlandscapelandscape lightinglow maintenacemasonarypaversretaining wallsRock MulchShawnigan Lakevancouver islandvenetian cobblewaterfrontWidows Walk

Shawnigan Lake Hardscape & Paver Project

Hardscape & paver project in Shawnigan Lake, completed this fall. Landscape Lighting, retaining walls, Irrigation low, maintenance shrubs and dog run.

Civil COnstructioncivil crewcrane truckDrivewaydump truckexcavatorford 550freight linerlandscapeRoad Crossingsroad cutsRoadbaseShawnigan Lakeutility constructionvancouver islandWater LineYanmar

Civil Crew in Shawnigan Lake

Road Crossings for water & sewer lines for a residential development.

Backfillcivil crewdecemberDrivewayexcavatorroad baseRoad Crossingsandsewer drainsewer lineutility constructionvancouver islandWater LineYanmar

Road Crossing in Shawnigan Lake

Now to install the pipe.. backfill with road base and compact, cold patch for the time being, after all the road crossings are in, paving crew will reinstate. Great winter project!

artificial lawndrought tolerantfake grasslandscapeno mowno waterno weedingsave moneySodturfvancouver island

No Need to Mow or Water!

This client has a very low maintenance front year now… and green all year! Artificial Turf is a great solution.

Coastal RevegetationFINN T120hydroseedirrigationlandscapeMcKenzie HighwayMinistry of Transportation and HighwaysMOTIPomerleauutility constructionvancouver islandVictoriaWest Pro Construction

Sunset Hydroseed Victoria, BC

November 2020
Finishing up the final stretch of Hydroseed by sunset on the McKenzie Highway.

Gabriola IslandGulf IslandhydroseedirrigationlandscapeLawnLawn seedResidentialutility constructionvancouver island

Gabriola Island Hydroseed

Residential Hydroseed on Gabriola Island BC. Lush Lawns May 2021

cowichan valleyhydroseedHydrovacirrigationlandscapelocallly owned and operatedperimeter draintrenchingutility constructionvancouver island

Hydrovac in the Cowichan Valley

Hydrovac service in the Cowichan Valley.

cowichan valleyCustom seed blendsGrasshydroseedlandscapeLawnLawn seedlush lawnPremier Pacific SeedsResidential lawnT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver island

Residential Hydroseeding

Creating a lush lawn for years of enjoyment.

FINN T60hydro strawhydroseedIsland HydroseedLawnPremier Pacific Seedsprofile mulchsun shadevancouver islandwood fibre mulch

Save $ with Hydroseed versus rolled sod.

Another Beautiful Fall Hydroseed application…

honeymoon bayhydroseedIsland HydroseedLake CowichanLake FrontlakefrontlandscapeLawnlush lawnMesachie LakePremier Pacific Seedsvancouver island

What a View!

Gorgeous day for Hydroseed on the Lake!

Civil UtilityFDH PadFleetH3HydrovacRoad CrossingSaanichtelecommunicationstelustrenchingutility constructionvancouver island

This is our newest addition to the fleet.. this Hydrovac’s name is H3 for short!

The Hydrovac’s first week on the job, we are loving the new unit!

Coastal Revegetationfinlayson armhydroseedirrigationlandscapelocal tourismMalahatMalahat Skywalknative plantsocean viewpanorama viewtree walkvancouver islandViewwater restrictionswildflowers

Malahat Skywalk

What an outstanding view!
Irrigation & Hydroseed was completed by us this summer.. keeping with the integrity of the local surroundings and water restrictions, this landscape includes many native plants and a coastal revegetation blend with wildflower which was hydroseeded in all disturbed areas.

Colwoodcommercial landscapeexcavatorgradinghydroseedirrigationlandscapemulchSodtreesturfvancouver islandWale Road

Colwood Commercial Landscape Project

Apartment Complex Landscape

cowichan valleyDuncan BCFINN T120GrasshydroseedlandscapeLawnPremier Pacific SeedsResidential lawnSpringT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver island

Residential Hydroseed Lawn

Happy Hydroseed Customer on Roome Road in Duncan BC.

ColwoodConcretegradingGravity WalllandscapemasonaryRetaining Wallslope stabilitystructuralutility constructionvancouver islandWale Road

Retaining Wall in Colwood

Retaining walls help reshape and support slopes, create level areas for gardens, driveways and parking areas.
Wood forms and poured concrete.

Custom seed blendshomeownerhydroseedHydroseed mulchIsland HydroseedlandscapeLawnLawn soillocal developerlush lawnNew subdivisionPremier Pacific SeedsRadcliff DevelopmentResidential lawnrye grassT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver islandWellburn street

Residential Hydroseed Lawn

Happy Customer will soon enjoy their new Hydroseed lawn in the Radcliff Development in Duncan, BC.

Apartment BuildingCommercial Irrigation Systemcommercial landscapegradingIrrigation Linelandscapemini excavatorPort AlberniRainbirdRock MulchSeymour Pacific ConstructionSodvancouver islandWinter InstallationYanmar

Portview Landing, Port Alberni

Large Commercial Landscape project in in Port Alberni, Portview Landing Apartments.

bowlingcementcement pump truckconcrete pumperCowichan Lawn BowlingfootingsgradingLawnlawn bowlinglawn bowling clubutility constructionvancouver island

Cement Truck at the Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club

Look at the reach on that cement pump ~ this was a fun day!
Concrete is being poured into the forms to frame the field. A lot of leveling and detail to replace the Cowichan Lawn Bowling field!

bowlingcementcement pump truckCivilConcreteconcrete pumperCowichan Lawn BowlingfootingsgradingLawnlawn bowlinglawn bowling clublevelutility constructionvancouver island

Impressive Concrete Truck!

Look at the reach on that cement pump ~ this was a fun day!
Concrete is being poured into the forms to frame the field. A lot of leveling and detail to replace the Cowichan Lawn Bowling field!

AFLConduitDriftwoodexcavatorFDH Padirrigationlandscapetelecommunicationstelusutility constructionvancouver islandVictoriaVIP Pole Hold

Pole Hold Assistance for Civil Works

Always a pleasure working with VIP Power in Victoria, we often need their assistance with Pole Holds when installing conduit for telecommunication upgrades. Spring 2020

catalystCoastal Revegetationcowichan valleycroftonFINN T120hydroseedIsland Hydroseedlime pitPremier Pacific Seedspulp millreclamationRevegetationutility constructionvancouver islandvancouver island coast mixwildflowers

Coastal Revegetation for Pulp Mill Pit

Coastal Revegetation applied to this old lime pit at the Crofton Pulp Mill.. did you know our FINN T120 can apply up to a hectare a day!
This location was about a hectare, time to bring this old pit back to life!

BackfillConduitExcavationLangfordMini ManholeRoad WorkRoadbaseShawtelecommunicationstelustrenchingutility constructionvancouver island

Mini Manhole Install

Telecommunications upgrade in Langford..

CivilConcreteConduitFDH PadFibre Opticshydroseedirrigationlandscapetelecommunicationstelusutility constructionvancouver islandVictoria

FDH Pad Installation

FDH Pad install for Telus Communication upgrades in Victoria BC

bouldercedar fenceCowichan Baycurb appealcustom fenceirrigationlandscapeprivacy fenceResidentialsmall residential landscapevancouver island

Curb appeal in a few days!

Just a few days to jazz up this home with some curb appeal, custom privacy fence, rock border with a few new trees and fresh mulch.

Air AmbulanceCoastal RevegetationFINN T120FINN T60Heli PadHelicopterHelicopter AmbulanceHelicopter PadhydroseedIsland HealthlandscapeTofinoTofino Hospitalvancouver islandWest Coast

Tofino General Hospital Helipad Hydroseed

The helipad at Tofino General Hospital is an important part of the health-care picture for this remote West Coast region. The Revegetation seed once established will keep dust at bay.

AFL Communicationsbroom finishBroughton Streetcapital city concreteCity of Victoriacivil contructionCivil UtilityConcreteConcrete PourConduitDriftwood CommunicationsFDH Padfort streetreinstatementsidewalk paneltelecommunicationstelusutility constructionvancouver islandview street

City of Victoria Sidewalk Panel Reinstatement

Sidewalk Panel Replacement to reinstate this telecommunication upgrade, we broke out the concrete sidewalks to install new conduit for Telus upgrades.

BoulevardCoastal RevegetationCustom seed blendsErosion ControlhydroseedlandscapeLawnNorth Saanich BCPremier Pacific SeedsSite Restorationslope stabilityslope stabilizationT60 FINN Hydroseedervancouver islandVictoria

Hydroseed Slope Stabilization & Boulevard

Coastal revegetation for slope stabilization in North Saanich BC.

bark mulchcowichan valleyGarden oasishardscapeinstallationirrigationLake Cowichanlandscapepampas grassperennialspine treespondpoundriverrock instaltiontranquilturfvancouver islandwater featureYoubou

Water feature created by Dennis

Happy customers enjoy the tranquil oasis of this water feature in their garden created by Dennis in Youbou BC.

bark mulchcowichan valleyGarden oasishardscapeinstallationirrigationLake Cowichanlandscapeperennialspondpoundrivertranquilturfvancouver islandwater featureYoubou

Water feature created by Dennis

Happy customers enjoy the tranquil oasis of this water feature in their garden created by Dennis in Youbou BC.

City of DuncanCity of Totemscowichan valleyDowntown DuncanDuncanirrigationlandscapeLawnpicnic tablesSodtotem poleutility constructionvancouver island

Downtown Duncan Improvements

The old Red Balloon building was demolished and the lot revamped for the Community to enjoy.

cart pathCity of DuncanCity of TotemshydroseedirrigationlandscapeLawnMuralRock MulchSodTotem polesvancouver island

Downtown Duncan

The City of Duncan, downtown improvement project.

AshpaltConcrete PourConcrete PrepDrivewayDriveway PrepirrigationLake CowichanlandscapePavingstamped concretevancouver island

We do concrete prep & pour..

Prepping this driveway for Concrete.

Erosion ControlhardscapeirrigationLake Cowichanlandscapenative plantsRetaining Wallseating areaYoubou

Retaining Wall

Lake Front Retaining wall also creates more seating and planting room at the top.

custom builthardscapehydroseedLake Cowichanlakefrontlandscapelocal companylow maintenanceslopestaircasestairsutility constructionvancouver island

Custom steps and railing for very sloped landscape

Lake front property with a steep slope; staircase and railing for lake access, complete with a custom low maintenance landscape.

Allan Blockconcrete barrier blockConcrete BlockErosion ControlLake CowichanlandscapeRetaining Wallvancouver island

Retaining Wall

Concrete Block retaining wall to start this Lakefront Landscape project.

boss manCoastal RevegetationErosion ControlFINN T60hydroseedlandscapePremier Pacific SeedsRevegetationSalt Spring Islandthe boss at workutility constructionvancouver island

The Boss loves to Hydroseed!

The Boss man hard at work Hydroseeding on Salt Spring Island for an erosion control project.

hardscapeLake CowichanlakefrontlandscapeResidentialstamped concreteutility constructionvancouver island

Stamped Concrete in Lake Cowichan

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a high-end design without spending a small fortune, this front yard boasts a small low maintenance garden in the center, providing seasonal color.

bark mulchcart pathcowichan valleyhydroseedirrigationIsland HydroseedlandscapeLawnlush lawnmillion dollar viewocean frontocean viewpathwayvancouver islandwater front

Exquisite Landscape with Ocean View

Gorgeous Home & View!
We did the works on this Landscape Project, beautiful lawns, pathways and gardens surrounding this large

craneGoldstream RockgranitehardscapehydroseedirrigationLake Cowichanlandscapelimestonelocal businessmini excavatorNew ConstructionRock SLabstone stepsvancouver island

Rock Slab Stairs for Lakefront Project

Slab Steps on a steep lakefront property .

craneGoldstream RockgranitehardscapehillsidehydroseedLake Cowichanlandscapelimestonelocal businessmini excavatorNew ConstructionRock SLabslopestone stepsvancouver island

Tight squeeze for the mini excavator!

Steep lake front property in Lake Cowichan, what a tight squeeze for the mini excavator!

cowichan valleygradinghardscapeirrigationlandscapeMIll Bayocean frontocean viewRetaining WallRock Wallvancouver islandwaterfront

Landscape Renovation, Oceanfront Mill Bay

Landscape Renovation Project… out with the old in with the new..

back aches for dayscenotaphCobble HIllCVRDirrigationlandscapeLawnLest we forgetlocallly owned and operatedNovember 11paversrolled turfSodvancouver island

Sod Day! Back aches for days….

Landscape revamp at the Cobble Hill Cenotaph, pavers, trees and a whole lot of sod. Lest we forget.

Cowichan Bayhydroseedirrigationlandscapelocallly owned and operatedlush lawnsmillion dollar viewsOcean Viewsperfect lawnshrubsvancouver islandWaterfront Property

Lush Lawns & Ocean Views

Gorgeous Home & View!
We did the works on this Landscape Project, beautiful lawns, pathways and gardens surround this large

cowichan valleyhardscapelandscapelocal companymasonryRetaining WallRock Wallslope stabilizationvancouver islandwater feature

Waterfall & Retaining Wall

This hardscape project turned out amazing, retaining walls were necessary for slope stabilization, why not add a water feature to jazz it up!?

Cowichan Campuscowichan valleyhydroseedlandscapeMount Prevostutility constructionvancouver islandVancouver Island UniversityVIU

VIU Hydroseed

Hydroseed at Vancouver Island University, Duncan

arboristbio swaleCowichan Campuscowichan valleyDuncanGarden Maintenancegreen roofhydroseedirrigationlandscapeRooftop Gardenvancouver islandVancouver Island UniversityVIU

Vancouver Island University Duncan

Bio Swale, Roof Top Garden and the entire Landscape surrounding was installed by us over 10 years ago, we still maintain the property year round!

bio swalecowichan valleyDuncangreen roofhydroseedirrigationlandscapepaverstreesvancouver islandVancouver Island UniversityVIU

Vancouver Island University front entrance

Bio Swale, Roof Top Garden and the entire Landscape surrounding was installed by us over 10 years ago, we still maintain the property year round!

Averill CreekAverill Creek VineyardCowichan Valley WineDuncanestate wineryhardscapeirrigationlandscapelocal wineMount PrevostpaversPinot Noir

Amazing Wine & Landscape, Averill Creek Vineyard

The Wine & Views can’t be beat!! We have been working with Averill Creek for many years and to this day on many projects around property.. Landscape & Vineyard Irrigation, Well Pumps, Trenching, Machine Work and more..