Hydroseeding is the process of mixing and spraying a slurry comprised of hydraulic wood or straw mulch, seed, fertilizer, water and tackifier.

Hydroseeding is a cost-effective, fast and economical method of establishing vegetation. The hydraulic mulch holds the seed in place, insulates the seed from temperature fluctuations, and absorbs water which gives the seed a more continuous and consistent amount of moisture to enhance germination. 

Hydroseeding allows you to quickly and cost-effectively cover areas as small as residential lawns, hard to reach areas and commercial projects up to a hectare a day.


  • A more effective and even application versus hand seeding
  • More cost effective than rolled sod
  • Custom seed blends are available for specific soil and water conditions
  • Great for hard to reach landscapes, steep slopes and uneven terrain
  • Working closely with homeowners, landscapers, municipalities, developers and more!


  • New Lawns
  • Overseed
  • Ministry of Transportation and Highways
  • Roadside Erosion
  • Sports Field Turf
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Golf Courses
  • Pollinator Wildflower Mixes
  • Forage Mixes
  • Steep Banks
  • Dust Control
  • Native Grasses


The magic of hydroseed application comes from a blend of four main ingredients:

  • Seed We have been Hydroseeding Vancouver Island and The Gulf Islands since 2009, working closely with Premier Pacific Seeds based out of Surrey, BC. Premier Pacific Seeds is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. We can work with you to create any custom blend to suit the unique environment of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We are able to source out other seed products and Suppliers upon request, as well add your own seed into any mixture. Lawn seed, native seeds, revegetation blends, chafer & grub solutions, wildflower and much more, seed analysis and certification can be provided upon request.
  • Mulch Hydraulic mulches are comprised of wood fibre or straw fibre, food-grade dye, and a light tackifier.  The mulch acts as a protection for the seed to help insulate and adhere to the soil, as the seed begins to establish the mulch begins to break down into the soil.  Hydroseed mulch is non-toxic to humans and animals. The green dye is strictly for application purposes to monitor application areas.
  • High-Performance Mulch For steep slopes with high erosion risk, we will recommend Bonded Fibre Matrix which can stabilize the area until the grass can establish.
  • Tackifier Hydroseeding tackifiers accomplish two things:  they will work like a glue to hold the mulch and seed in place from winds and rains which gives the seed and mulch a chance to begin to root faster.  The tackifier also lubricates the system which allows the operators to use more mulch in each load and helps minimize any chance of clogs. Hydroseed tackifier consists of Guar Gum from the Guar Gum plant.
  • Fertilizer Fertilizer is an important ingredient in the hydroseeding mix, this gives the seed a jump start and promotes early and deep root growth. Our standard fertilizer is an 18-18-18 water-soluble granular. We can accommodate specialized fertilizer requests.


Our commercial hydroseed equipment is capable of applying up to a hectare (2.5 acres) per day.
For smaller applications, we have equipment that can fit into tighter spaces with ultra-long hoses for precise applications. 
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